Laban Presbyterian Higher Secondary School

School Activities:

Curricular: The Commencement of academic activities for classes VI to X (Secondary School) is in the month of February. For Class XI (Arts & Commerce) school starts in the month of June and for Class XII (Arts & Commerce) in the month of March. The school closes its academic session by the 15th of December every year.

The school evaluates students’ performances through Summative and Formative Assessments. Summative Assessments are conducted in the form of examinations twice a year for both classes and monthly unit tests. Formative Assessments are Oral test, quiz, project works, assignments, Sales of Work (Learn and Earn), field trips, participating in Seminars and workshops, Role Plays etc.

Co-Curricular:To ensure an all rounded development among the learners, the school also organizes co-curricular activities such as Annual Sports and Literary Week (extempore speech, quiz, recitation, essay writing, debates, storytelling), Singing and dancing , drawing and painting Competition, Role Plays.

Community Activities: Students are also encouraged to participate in community activities and programmes such as Cleaning Drives organized by the Municipal and Dorbar Shnong and Swatch Bharat Mission, World Environment Day, Awareness Programmes on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Future Activities of the Higher Secondary Section: To equip students with planning and organizing skills and to educate them on the importance of working in a group, the school will encourage and organize Student-led activities such as Financial Literacy for the community (for Commerce students), Programmes on Importance of Exercising the Right to Vote among the youths (for Arts students). The school will also conduct workshops and Seminars on topics of significance, in collaboration with other institutions and organizations for the students and for the community.

Parent Teacher Meetings: Parent Teacher Meetings are conducted twice a year or as and when the need arises. It is to be noted that these meetings are mandatory to attend by parent or guardian. Further, if there are any concerns or grievances with regards to a particular student, the parent or guardian will be called for a one on one meeting with the Principal.